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Vaping and health

Vaping and health

We compare a normal cigarette to an e-cigarette and what the hitherto known effects of the substances are.

In contrast to a regular cigarette, there is no combustion inside an e-cigarette. Instead, a heating element (coil) will evaporate the e-liquid. E-liquid contains base liquid, flavouring agents, and if desired nicotine. The base liquid is a mixture of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. Both substances are non-toxic and approved for use in food, cosmetics and medicines. The nicotine is extracted from tobacco plants in the majority of liquids. The flavouring agents are approved for consumption.

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As mentioned in a different article, nicotine is extracted from tobacco plants. Nicotine is a toxic substance that is harmful to your blood pressure, heart and blood vessels. People with cardiovascular disease are therefore advised against using any kind of electronic or normal cigarette. In addition, people with allergies to one of the ingredients or pregnant women should not use an e-cigarette. For all e-cigarettes, liquids and related components, a minimum age of 18 years is required.

Harmful substances regular tobacco

We all know that smoking is kills. To offer some form of comparison we made a list of a few primary pollutants in a normal cigarette (even though a cigarette has around 7000 harmful substances of which 72 carcinogens), which cannot or hardly be found in an e-cigarette. These substances arise because they are either added by the manufacturer to improve taste and nicotine absorption, or because they arise during the burning of the tobacco.

Harmfull substance



By smoking a cigarette, tar ends up in the lungs. The tar in the lungs nestles on the cilia, which eventually causes them to function less well and the smoker can eventually suffer from breathing issues.

Carbon monoxide

Carbon monoxide makes blood absorb oxygen less efficiently. As a result, the stamina and health of smokers can rapidly deteriorate. It also damages the blood vessel walls.


A carcinogen, that is, among other things, used in chemical weapons.


Is a heavy metal and increases the risk of cancer. Is, among other things, used in insecticides.


Extremely toxic, is, among other things, used in batteries and accumulators.


Carcinogen, is used in, among other things, cosmetics.


Carcinogenic, is used in, among other things, disinfectants.


Extremely toxic, exceeding the maximum amounts can lead to blindness. Used for, among other things, fuel.

Hydrogen cyanide

Also known as blue acid, it is extremely toxic and is used, among other things, in pesticides.


A lot is being said about the e-cigarette. By people around you, by the government, and in the media. Especially when something undesirable happens, the media often sketches an indiscriminate picture. Our advice is to inform yourself well! If you do research, avoid social media at all costs, everything is said here without any reference. Check your sources! We mainly look at news from abroad, where vaping is a much larger phenomenon than in the Netherlands. To help you in the right direction we recommend a few website.

Be aware! We are in no way affiliated with the organizations below. By mentioning them we receive no revenue or other benefits. The websites are purely for information. We link you to the landing page of each website, you must search for information about e-cigarettes yourself using the search function.

Cancer Research UK

National Health Service UK


Acvoda Nederland

Royal College of Physicians

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Vaping and health

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We compare a normal cigarette to an e-cigarette and what the hitherto known effects of the substances are.

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