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  • NIIU Polar Mint
    € 5.50
    NIIU Polar Mint e-liquid for extreme freshness. Made by J WELL France.
  • Iceman
    € 14.90
    The Iceman e-liquid by Malaysian Vapes brings you ultimate freshness with a fruity note.
  • Peppermint
    € 5.90
    The real peppermint e-liquid. Nice and fresh.
  • Mint Glacial
    € 5.90
    Refreshing peppermint e-liquid.
  • Mint Eucalyptus
    € 5.90
    Refreshing mint e-liquid with a dash of eucalyptus.
  • Green Mint
    € 5.90
    Fresh crispy mint, slightly milder than the Glaciale Mint.
  • Blend Mint
    € 5.90
    A blond tobacco with subtle mint. The mint is not as strong if you are used to in for example a mint cigarette.
  • Blackcurant Ice
    € 5.90
    A fresh and tangy blackcurrant ice e-liquid.
  • Beatrix
    € 5.90
    An e-liquid with sweet candy taste and topped up with a fresh hint if mint.
  • Arthur
    € 5.90
    Who is up for a cup of tea? A strong tea flavour, enhanced by a delicate but no less invigorating hint of mint.
  • Arctical
    € 5.90
    Are you looking for an e-liquid that will blow your mouth with freshness? Artical will do the job. Fresher than this you will not find!
  • 11 results

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