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  • XSTAR VC4 Charger
    € 22.90
    The XSTAR VC4 intelligent USB charger for different types of Li-ion batteries. Charges 4 batteries simultaneously.
  • XSTAR MC1 Charger
    € 6.50
    The XSTAR MC1 charger suitable for different Li-ion batteries. USB-powered.
  • Charging Cable eGo
    € 4.90
    Charging cable USB to eGo.
  • Charging Cable Micro USB
    € 3.90
    Charging cable USB to Micro-USB.
  • BO Power
    € 29.90
    BO Power, the battery pack for the BO One. Charge you BO One up to 4 times with this battery pack.
  • Charging cable USB-C
    € 6.90
    Charging cable USB to USB-C.
  • BO One Cable
    € 6.90
    Charging cable for all our BO One models.
  • Nitecore i4 Charger
    € 29.90
    Nitecore Intellicharger i4 charger for charging individual batteries.
  • Nitecore i2 Charger
    € 19.90
    Nitecore Intellicharger i2 charger for charging individual batteries.
  • USB Wall Charger-DC 5V, 1000mAh
    € 4.90
    AC adapter 1000mAh.
  • USB Wall Charger-DC 5V, 500mAh
    € 4.90
    AC adapter 500mAh.
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