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NIX 18

Coffee and nuts

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  • Macademia Ice Cream
    € 19.90
    A masterful balance of sweet vanilla ice cream tempered with macadamia.
  • Cafe Gourmand
    € 5.90
    E-liquid with coffee and spiced biscuit flavour.
  • Hazelnut
    € 5.90
    You can put it on your sandwich, but you can also just vape this suiting hazelnut.
  • Dr Vintage
    € 5.90
    A true American flavour with custard, cinnamon, cardamom and caramel.
  • Crazy Choco
    € 5.90
    Are you a chocolate addict? Than this crazy e-liquid with chocolate flavour is your way to go.
  • Café
    € 5.90
    Fancy a coffee? With this coffee flavour you have it ready to vape!
  • Café con Leche
    Fancy a coffee? With this café con leche you can’t go wrong.
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  • 7 results

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