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NIX 18 and continue together as 1 site for a better customer experience. Read more about the partnership here.
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Working together: and continue together

Working together: and continue together

As of December 1, and will continue together as one website. Until now there were two different websites run by two different teams, which sometimes caused confusion for customers, for Google and sometimes for ourselves.

Reason therefore to continue together as one website. In this way we can offer a better customer experience and of course we only have to maintain one website that contains all our products.


Unfortunately it turned out to be technically too difficult to move the accounts from to This is of course annoying, but fortunately it is easy to create a new account. This can be done while ordering, but also earlier through this link.

An account is useful for several reasons, but also especially because we will soon start verifying the age of our customers via iDin. This is to prevent our products from being ordered by minors.


We can imagine that you have questions about this partnership or your order history or because you cannot find products in the new format. We are happy to answer those questions via WhatsApp, e-mail or our contact page.

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