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How do you maintain your e-cigarette? Follow our easy guidelines.

An e-cigarette is a utensil and must be well maintained for it to be able to use for as long as possible.

The clearomizer (tank)

Your clearomizer consists of a number of parts, the mouthpiece (Drip Tip), the reservoir (glass), the base (bottom) and of course the coil.

Drip tip

With most clearomizers you can remove the drip tip by pulling it out or twisting it off. The drip tip can be rinsed under running water and dried with a piece of paper and a cotton swab.


With most of our clearomizers you can remove the glass by unscrewing the top and bottom of the clearomizer. Beware! The glass is fragile. You can rinse it under running water and dry it with a piece of paper.


the bottom of the clearomizer usually holds the coil. Take the coil out of the base before cleaning it under running water. Again, use a piece of paper or a cotton swab to get to all the rims/edges.


the coil is a wear part consisting of a filament and wick material (for example, organic cotton). The coil cannot be cleaned with water. If the coil no longer tastes or functions properly, it must be replaced.

When dismantling and cleaning your clearomizer, make sure you do not lose the silicone sealing rings! If you are missing any of the sealing rings your clearomizer will leak. Most clearomizers come with extra rings included, if you have lost yours feel free to contact us.

Can you use soap?

Hot water is sufficient for cleaning your clearomizer. If you do still want to use some soap, that is possible. Use a small drop of dish soap, and make sure you rinse and dry all the parts properly before usage.

The battery

The battery should never be cleaned with water as it contains electronics. What you can do is clean the contact points of both the charging port and the clearomizer with a dry cotton swab.

Do I have to clean the clearomizer when changing to a different flavour?

If your coil still tastes good and functions properly, you do not have to replace it when changing to a different flavour. However, it might be that when you add a different flavour, you will continue to taste the previous one. The more dominant the previous flavour, the longer you keep tasting the old flavour. If you want the purest taste from your new flavour, clean your clearomizer and replace the coil.

When is my coil due for replacement?

With taking into account average ise, we maintain a wear period of approximately 2 weeks. By average use we mean around 2ml (1 tank) per day. Do keep in mind that the wear process depends on other factors such as the type of e-liquid (thick/lots of sugars) and the wattage setting.

You can recognize a burned/worn coil from the following symptoms:

  • The flavour no longer tastes good and feels sharper on the throat.
  • More resistance than used to while taking a puff.
  • Less vapor production.
  • You smell and taste a burnt flavour.

If one of the above symptoms occurs during vaping, it is most likely time to replace your coil.

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The wonderful world of the e-cigarette has a lot of technical terms that, especially if you are new, can make your ears ring. We hope to provide some clarity with this glossary.

Traveling with an e-cigarette

Traveling with an e-cigarette



How do you maintain your e-cigarette? Follow our easy guidelines.