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Safe use of batteries

Safe use of batteries

We know the stories of exploding batteries from the news or from social media. Don't be afraid, with a bit of common sense an e-cigarette is just as safe as your smartphone.

E- cigarettes almost always use Li-ion batteries, these batteries can now be found in almost all rechargeable devices.

Battery type

At J WELL we have two types of e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes with interchangeable battery and e-cigarettes where the battery is integrated in the device and therefore not interchangeable.

  • Batteries that are not interchangeable can always be charged via USB.
  • Batteries that are interchangeable can be charged via USB (internal) or via an external fast charger such as the Nitecore intellig chargers.

E-cigarettes with an interchangeable battery usually use the 18650, 20700 or 21700 sized batteries. The difference between these batteries is their maximum capacity and size. This number says something about the diameter (18), length (65) and form (0) of the battery. There are many different producers of batteries and their specs can differ per brand.

For example, differences can include:

  • The capacity of the battery, expressed in mAh.
  • The maximum available current strength expressed in Ampere.
  • The number of charging cycles that the battery can withstand without loss of capacity.

The batteries we sell will always be suitable for the e-cigarettes sold by us. Please note the size of the battery. If your e-cigarette can handle both formats, we recommend the biggest because of its larger capacity.

If you decide to get your battery from somewhere else, make sure that the battery is suitable for your style of vaping.

  • Do you use a low power (W) with a high resistance (1 < ohm)? A battery that can deliver 20 amps is enough.
  • If you use a high power (W) and a low resistance (1 > ohm), go for a battery that can deliver at least 30 amps to ensure that the battery delivers the correct power.

What about these exploding batteries?

It might be that you've heard something about exploding e-cigarettes/phones with Li-ion batteries, but this never/rarely happens. When it does happen, it is always by misuse or poor production. Therefore, always make sure to buy batteries from a well-known brand so you have more certainty regarding production quality.

We have a number of tips to help you get the most out your battery life and use it as safely as possible:

Beware of a short circuit

Make sure that the two poles (+/-) never make direct contact. A short circuit releases a lot of heat and can cause a fire.

Never transport the battery separately

Transport them in a non-conductive box. If the battery is transported separately, a short circuit may occur. When you put the battery loose in your pocket, it could make contact with keys/coins or other objects.

Always turn off your e-cigarette when you transport it

When you are transporting your e-cigarette in your pocket or purse, it is important to turn off your device. If you do not do this, the e-cigarette can be activated without a way for the heat to escape, which is bad for the coil and for the battery.

Do not expose the battery to high temperatures

Do not expose the battery to direct sunlight and do not use the battery in temperatures above 45 degrees Celsius.

Do not use the battery if it is damaged

As an example, if there is a dent in the battery or the insulating cover of the battery is damaged, immediately stop using the battery. Hand in the battery at a suitable point.

Beware of liquids

Never allow the battery to get wet/damp.

Keep the battery out of the reach of children

Children can put the battery in their mouth and short-circuit/damage it.

Always dispose of the battery responsibly when it is due for replacement!

Never throw a battery in the bin. This is harmful to people and the environment. You can return your old batteries free of charge in one of our stores or to a drop off point in your area.

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Safe use of batteries

Safe use of batteries

We know the stories of exploding batteries from the news or from social media. Don't be afraid, with a bit of common sense an e-cigarette is just as safe as your smartphone.

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