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Traveling with an e-cigarette

In some countries the e-cigarette is not very popular or sometimes even banned, so it is important to leave well prepared.

Before you leave, always check the rules on vaping in the country you are traveling to, so you know for sure whether you can bring the e-cigarette with you or not.

To destinations such as Dubai, Singapore, Punjab and Thailand it is better not to take the e-cigarette with you. If you do take it with you they could confiscate your device and/or e-liquids. Depending on where you are, you could even get a high fine and in some cases even a prison sentence.

After you looked up the rules for the specific destination and you know for sure you can take the e-cigarette with you, it is important to know that e-liquids do not always meet the same standards. If you do not trust the quality in a certain country, bring enough e-liquids from home.

If you do want to take e-liquid with you, this can be done in a container of max. 100ML in your carry-on luggage, if you want to take more than 100ML, you can simply take this in the hold luggage if you have any. Make sure to pack your e-liquid bottles in a leakproof bag. Should a bottle unexpectedly leak due to the air pressure, your other items will remain dry and clean.

It is also important to bring enough coils with you, as they are not sold everywhere, depending on the destination and type of e-cigarette.

Next it is important to transport the e-cigarette correctly, the e-cigarette/battery must always be in your carry-on luggage and be transported in a pouch/case intended for that purpose.

If the e-cigarette has a removable battery, remove it from the device and transport it separately, again in a pouch/case intended for that purpose.

Make sure the tank of your e-cigarette is empty and is no longer screwed onto the battery/mod. Having the tank empty is often a good idea as it can leak due to the pressure differences in the cabin.

When all parts of the e-cigarette are disassembled and in the appropriate pouch/case, you are ready to leave.

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    Traveling with an e-cigarette

    Traveling with an e-cigarette



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