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BO One Lifetime warranty

Lifetime warranty is included on all BO One models. In every BO One package there is a Lifetime warranty card in the manual folder. This contains a registration code and the URL of the website where you can redeem your warranty. Below you will find the step-by-step plan.

  1. Go to and choose your country. If your country is not listed choose Another country.
  2. Select BO One Life Time Warranty from the menu.
  3. Go to My Devices and create an account.
  4. Choose my devices within the dashboard and register the BO One with the registration code.
  5. If a warranty case occurs, the Warranty PDF must be downloaded and printed. Enter the missing information on the form. The guarantee can only be settled with a completely filled in form.
  6. Send only the BO One (without box, charger and accessories) to the specified address stated on the printed Warranty PDF (at the bottom)
  7. When the distributor has received your BO One, an envelope will be returned to you containing a new BO One Soft Touch Black including a new Lifetime warranty card.

For a subsequent warranty case you can follow the steps above again using your exisiting account.

Please note that regardless of the color of the BO One you will always receive a BO One Soft Touch Black. Lifetime warranty only applies to the BO One models and not to the BO Plus or accessories.

If you have any questions please contact us!